Bulletin of the EATCS

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No 110: June 2013

Table of Contents

EATCS Matters

Letter from the President PDF
Luca Aceto 3 - 6
Letter from the Bulletin Editor PDF
Maria Serna 7
The EATCS Award 2013 PDF
EATCS Award Committee 8 - 10
The Gödel Prize 2013 PDF
The Gödel Prize Committee 11 - 12
The Presburguer Award 2013 PDF
The Presburguer Award Committee 13


The Japanese Chapter PDF
Ryuhei Uehara 21 - 24
News from New Zealand PDF
Cristian S. Calude 25 - 32

The EATCS Columns

Computing with Advice: when Knowledge Helps PDF
Stefan Dobrev, Rastislav Kralovic, Richard Kralovic, The Distributed Computing Column, by P. Fatourou 35 -51
From Reversible Logic Gates to Universal Quantum Bases PDF
Alex Bocharov, Krysta M. Svore, The Logic in Computer Science Column, by Y. Gurevich 79 - 85

Technical Contributions

The H-index can be Easily Manipulated PDF
Bart de Keijzer, Krzysztof R. Apt 79 - 85

Reports from Conferences

Report on StringMasters 2013 PDF
Zsuzsanna Liptak 89 - 91

Abstracts of PhD thesis

Invariant-Free Deduction Systems for Temporal Logic PDF
Jose Gaintzarain 95 - 97
On the Complexity of Resolution-based Proof Systems PDF
Sergi Oliva 98 - 100

ISSN: 0252-9742