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Sample recommendation letter:

Dear Search Committee Chair,

I am writing this letter for Mr. John Smith who has applied for a position in your department. I should start by saying that I cannot recommend him too highly.

In fact, there is no other student with whom I can adequately compare him, and I am sure that the amount of mathematics he knows will surprise you.

His dissertation is the sort of work you don't expect to see these days. It definitely demonstrates his complete capabilities.

In closing, let me say that you will be fortunate if you can get him to work for you.


A. D. Visor (Prof.) Focus Newsletter (MAA)


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Welcome to the web site of the ALgorithms, Bioinformatics, COmplexity and formal Methods (ALBCOM) Research Group. Most of the members of the group belong to the Departament de Llenguatges i Sistemes Inform�tics (LSI) from the Universitat Polit�cnica de Catalunya (UPC).

All lines of research within ALBCOM are concerned with algorithmic and theoretical aspects related to the computational difficulty of problem-solving. The main lines of research are:

  • bioinformatics,
  • computational complexity theory,
  • design and analysis of algorithms and data structures,
  • formal methods and
  • networks.

The group is often involved in the organization of seminars, workshops and conferences. The agenda keeps track of these activities. The members of ALBCOM participate in research projects, mostly supported by the European Union or the Spanish or Catalan governments. The group is also involved in some projects with industry in the area of Information Technologies.

ALBCOM participates in the Master and Ph.D. programs on Computing of LSI. Together with the rest of the department, members of ALBCOM also lecture in several undergraduate courses at different Faculties and Technical Schools of the UPC:

  • Facultat d'Inform�tica de Barcelona (FIB)
  • Facultat de Matem�tiques i Estad�stica (FME)
  • Escola T�cnica Superior d'Enginyeria Industrial de Terrassa (ETSEIT)
  • Escola Polit�cnica Superior d'Enginyeria de Manresa (EPSEM)